2 Soft Systems Web Enabled EAServer Application for e-Business

e-Business Works Better When Everything Works Together

In order to remain in business, e-Businesses must guarantee a safe and secure environment for their valuable information assets (Customers, Suppliers, Partners, and Employees), and in today's fast and advance empowered world  technology, databases are no longer used only locally behind a corporate firewall, users and the data they access can be anywhere in the world.

e-Business if you are not in it today, you will be tomorrow

We at 2 Soft Systems  with experience as our guide, we work side-by-side with our clients to develop cost-effective solutions that are responsive to the specific needs of the individual organization.

We are proud to announce the development and deployment of the first pharmaceutical on line e-Business application  for Safwan Trading & Contracting Co. (safwangroup.com.kw) using Sybase EAServer (Enterprise Adaptive Server)  which  provides sensitive applications needed to perform safely in today's interconnected world, and which will be available 24x7x365 to their customers, partners, suppliers and management.

e-Business Anytime Anywhere

Web application server features:

  • enables companies to rapidly assemble and deploy secure enterprise Web application services that encapsulate business logic from multiple applications in a secure, self-describing service that runs as an independent compound business function, and enhances business agility through the development and deployment of secure enterprise Web services.
  • Improve information management and accessibility
  • Foster greater cooperation between channel customers, supplier, partners, employees, and management
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Automated business –to-business processes
  • Automated business reporting with supplier for greater business effectiveness.
  • Enables you to engage customers, employees, partners, and suppliers with your business in new and powerful ways.
  • Provide an open high performance, efficient environment for developing and deploying enterprise class applications.
  • Moving to a system of universal self service for customers, partners, supplier, and even employees.
  • Sybase EAServer supports e-Business by delivering faster time-to-market, higher performance, and a superior ROI by building value for your existing IT investments and skill sets.
  • Allows access from browsers and wireless devices
  • Easier manageability through sophisticated tuning and administration.
  • is better use of existing resources
  • Provide customized products and services to partners, customers, and suppliers,
  • Take advantage of immediate market opportunities
  • Can be accessed from any where in the world as long there is an internet connection and a browser.
  • 24x7x365 availability operation

Transact business and communicate efficiently with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

The benefit that the company & customers will retain

  • Arming customers with the information they need at their fingertips will radically reduce the load on company customer service call centers, and therefore the levels required to staff these.
  • Increase and Enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Can promote and sell a wider range of products and services
  • Real-time integrated decisions
  • Greater customer intimacy
  • Competitive advantage
  • increasing your efficiency
  • boosted productivity, and increased profitability
  • Enter activity with customers & suppliers
  • Possibilities for creating new sources for creating new sources of revenue.
  • Stronger customer and supplier relationships and more productive employees


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Customers, employees, channel partners, suppler can access anytime to services and information they require.

to wittiness the first pharmaceutical company in Kuwait to actually implement and deploy such system.

  • If you are a customer you will be able to make requisitions (add, modify, delete, list, etc.), check account status, statement of account, and pending invoices.
  • If you are a supplier you will be able to generate a verity of update to date (life data) sales analysis reports, inquire about stock quantity level, product history sales (by salesman, customer, etc.) and check statement of accounts
  • If you are corporate (company management) you will be able to generate and administrate all the above, and also to check company daily sales, customers accounts status reports, customer pending invoices reports, banks report, profit & loss report, stock sales by supplier/customer/item, item qty balances, etc.

For many customers, the benefits of a web based self service solution will prove irresistible. Being empowered to manage their own services at a time and in a way that suits them immediately and conveniently, day and night, via the web, is immensely satisfying.  Instead of taking the time to ring a call centre, go through their details, request a service and wait for its delivery, customers can initiate a service, track its requisition, check their accounts balance and status online under their full control, and will also be a valuable weapon in helping your company increase customer loyalty.