Point of Sales (POS) System is designed to print cash/credit invoices to customers during sales data entry and update on-line inventory stock, item movements and generate sales accounting.

It is an add on feature to the inventory system and optionally integrated to the accounting system.

POS handles remote/stand alone and/or on-line stations working on local area network (LAN). Single and Multi user versions are available. It is sup­ported by Target Locking program, our automatic data recovery system. POS is available in Arabic and English versions.

System Functions

  • Data entry services for cash/credit sale of stock items.
  • Fully compatible with inventory reporting facilities.
  • Automatic generation of sales accounting, accounts receivable/cash, cost of sales & inventory.
  • Direct stock quantity update.
  • Supports discount, shipping charges.
  • 9 levels of password security.
  • Remote station handles sales data entry and transferring daily data to diskette for processing with master operator (main office).
  • On-line station handles sales data entry and direct update to inventory and accounting systems.
  • On-line master station handles importing and processing remote station data. During inventory processing the system retains sales transactions, which did
  • not have enough available stock quantity. The master operator can try and post these retained transaction as and when the stock is available. He also has the option to clear these pending transactions and the system will make automatic adjustment to inventory and accounting system.
  • All reports to screen or printer.

Point of Sales Reports

  • Daily sales report.
  • Monthly sales by station.
  • Monthly sales by customer.
  • Stock price list by item.
  • Stock quantity for all warehouses.
  • Monthly processed sales by invoice.
  • Retained transac­tions report.
  • Monthly POS adjustment by invoice.