Patients Recording & Invoicing

Basic Module

Patient recording & Invoicing System is designed to keep track of all the patient visits (history records) to the clinic, and hold all patient personnel information.

Patient invoicing system print cash / credit invoices to patients during their visits. And automatically generate sales accounting.

It is an added feature to the whole office automation plan, and integrated to the accounting system.

Patient recording & invoicing handles remote / stand alone and /or on-line stations working on local area network (LAN). Single and Multi user version are available. It is supported by target Locking program, our automatic data recovery system. Patients is available in Arabic and English versions.

System Functions

Patient Recording

Patient number

Patient civil number

Branch (if any)

Patient full name

Patient address ( home , work)

Patient telephone number ( home, work, fax, mobile, pager)

Patient data of birth

Patient history record (visit data, type of treatment, doctor name, remarks)

Data screen (new patient, modify, delete, display)

All reports to screen or printer.

9 levels of password security.

Patent Invoicing

Branch & Division (if any)

Name of doctor

Patient name ( through help menu)

Type of treatment (select from table)

Price; net paid, and change

Method of payment (cash, credit, visa, master card, American express, k-net, ect).

Data entry screen (adding, modifying, deleting, and display)

Integration with accounts.

All reports to screen or printer.

9 levels of password security.

Daily sales report.

Monthly sales by division.

Monthly sales by patient.

Patient invoices (by patient, doctor, division).

Monthly processed sales by invoice.

Retained transactions report.

Supports discount.

9 levels of password security.

Remote station handles invoicing data entry and direct update to patient recording system and accounting system.