The center of the accounting system, simplicity, and ease of use...........
2 Soft Systems General Ledger products is the base for company financial information system and the heart of the accounting system in the organization, and the total integrated accounting, sales, order, and inventory control systems. GL is designed to manage your financial accounting and aid management information requirements of your organization.
The program is based on advanced relational data base technology and provides maximum flexibility, ease of use and performance. GL may be used alone or integrated with the other application of the complete office automation systems.
The GL include recovery program (Target Locking) for data integrity. Customers may order the Arabic or English version. Either option may be ordered in Single user or Multi user, and runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2000/2003 servers (NT Technology), using Sybase & PowerBuilder.
The basic module provide complete GL accounting and the following facilities:
  • 8 Digit chart of account
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • 12 accounting periods each may be reopened for posting (with extra month 00, for making end of year adjustment and closing).
  • Easy to use menu driven programs
  • Multi­ple currency support (unlimited currencies)
  • Supports multiple division company (optional)
  • Full accounting support to inventory, order management and point of sales
  • The system allows two concurrent years New Year accounts may be opened before closing of current year.
  • Transaction may be posted to either yearbook concurrently and the system update balances automatically for all periods.
  • Current date and due date are kept by the system for reporting purposes.
  • Customized level of security can be defined for each user, the system og the name of user on all business transaction entered by that user for audit purpose.
  • Budgeting (yearly), and a report will list the budget vs. the actual.
  • Advanced Journals data entry and validations with full session reporting and services. Only balanced data are posted to the GL.
  • Monthly transaction listing by JV number
  • Montly transaction listing by account number
  • Year to date transaction listing by JV number
  • Year to date transaction listing by account number
  • Trail balances reporting with monthly yearly or accumulated movements for any selected period.
  • Account status report with opening balance, movements and closing balance for any selected period.
  • User defined Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement
  • Extensive data validation
  • All reports to screen or printer

Standard Features

Additional Sub ledgers

This may be added to the system to enable grouping a number of accounts in one sub ledger. The totals of such sub ledger are automatically posted to the general ledger listing. This feature enables the user to open an account, produce trial balance, and account total for accounts within the sub ledger.

Letter of Credit

This feature enable the user to define and report all detail related to an LC including amount currency, validity and insurance data. It also enable the user to edit text data related to LC follow up reporting include listing by order account, and validity date. Cost of each LC may be listed independently from fiscal year closing.

Previous Year Movements

This feature will allow the user to view previous year accounting data by JV number or account.

Optional Features

Multiple Currencies

This feature will turn the entire GL to multiple currency system-enabling users to define a secondary operational currency associated with an account other than the base currency. When this feature is installed data entry and reports will include amounts in both currencies and reports will show currency exchange rate.

2 Decimal Base Currencies

System may be ordered with 2 decimal base currencies to allow accounting in currencies with 2 decimal.

Other Base Currency

System may be ordered to work in base currency other than the KD.


  • Monthly account status bar chart
  • Monthly vs. YTD expense pie chart
  • Other charts

Multi Company Option

Special routine to provide consolidated movements from one system into the main holding company system.

General Ledger Reports

  • General Ledger Reports
  • Trial Balance - Detailed / Group
  • Balance sheet with current year earning.
  • Income statement
  • Account Status.
  • Journal Entries.
  • General Ledger listing
  • Transaction query on file reference or account number
  • Year to Date transaction by file reference or account number
  • Previous year data

Optional Reports

  • Exposure rate report
  • Currency fluctuation accounting
  • Other statement

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