General accounting system consists of programs modules designed to provide the modern office with book keeping and accounting information for management. A customer program is constructed based on his specific option and facilities necessary to support his own accounting and reporting requirements. The program will also includes the interfacing facilities to other Office Automation programs installed.

System Highlight

The system is built around a General Ledger chart of account that consists of up to 8 digits account number. An account code is divided into main and sub-account code (each is 4 digit long). Accounts may be grouped in a separate sub-ledgers for separate reporting of trail balances and statement of account, for example - Accounts receivable, accounts payable, banks, expanses, employ­ee receivable etc. The total balance for each sub-ledger is reported in the general ledger trial balances, without the needs for user generated accounting entry or posting.

A second currency may optionally be selected for each account (No limit to the number of currencies.) at the time of opening the accounts. Movements and balances are stored and reported in both currencies. The KD balance will be used for reports of balance sheet and income statement.

The system is based on cycle (usually monthly) balance forward accounting, but it however supports (optionally) open item accounting for selected accounts or ledger.

Entries are made by the operator and by other office automation systems installed. An entry is recorded on a document and usually saved in a file in an office. The system assign a document reference which consists of the file name and the document number for an

Accounting entry. The user may view a file or a document by its file reference number for a period of 12 months or more.


  • Monthly movements trial balance reports summary of total debit and credit of monthly movements and account closing balance, with grand totals.
  • Yearly movements trail balance reports summary of total yearly debit and credit for each account in the list with grand total.
  • Accumulated year to date trial balance report summary of total year to date total debit and credit of the movements including account-opening balance at the start of the year
  • When above reports are selected for the general ledger, the system will include totals for each sub-ledger in the accounting system.
  • Detailed trial balance reports with opening balance, details of movements and closing balance for all accounts in the system.
  • Account status reports with opening balance, movement’s details and closing balance for any selected account or group of accounts. Multiple currencies accounts will report in both currencies.
  • Open item statement of account report all credit and debit item still opened (not allocated) in the account.
  • Movements may be reported in both currencies and listed by file reference number or by account number.
  • Reports are selected by the user and may be viewed on the screen or printer. User may select the range of information required.
  • Balance sheet report company assets, and liability, it includes automatically current year earning in the state­ment.
  • Income statement reports profit and loss account; it can be listed for a single department or for the entire company.

Target Locking

The system is supported by the target locking recovery system, this system is an advanced data integrity procedure which is called automatically whenever necessary to recover data loss due to power failure, hardware and software malfunction.

Currently Available Systems Reports

General Ledger Reports

  • Trial Balance - Detailed/Group
  • Balance Sheet with current year earning
  • Income Statement - Consolidated/Division
  • Account Status
  • Journal Entries
  • General Ledger listing
  • Transaction query on file reference or account number
  • Year-to-date transaction by file reference or account number

Accounts Payable Reports

  • Accounts Payable Trial Balance - Monthly / Year to Date
  • Statement Of Account
  • Vendor Account Status
  • Aged Analysis

Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Accounts Receivable Trial Balance - Monthly / Year to Date
  • Statements Of Account
  • Customer Account Status
  • Aged Analysis

Stock Reports by Category/Warehouse/Supplier

  • Item sale price
  • Item cost price
  • Item quantity
  • Stock count
  • All warehouses item quantity

Purchase Order Reports (order management)

  • Order detail report by Item/Supplier
  • Order cost report
  • Reorder report
  • Order generated accounting

Point of Sales Reports

  • Daily sales report
  • Monthly sales by station
  • Monthly sales by customer
  • Stock price list by item
  • Stock quantity for all warehouses
  • Monthly processed sales by invoice
  • Retained transactions report
  • Monthly POS adjustment by invoice